The "Blue Card" training program provides Fire Departments with a training and certification system that defines the best Standard Command Practices for common, local, everyday Strategic and Tactical emergency operations conducted on NIMS Type 4 & Type 5 events. This training and certification program produces Incident Commanders that make better decisions that will potentially eliminate the lethal and/or costly mistakes that cause injury, death, and unnecessary fire losses in the local response area. 

LCFD#2 is a Blue Card Command Training Center



Incident Command Officers

Fire Chief, Jason Caughey
Assistant Chief of Operations, Manny Muzquiz
Assistant Chief of Engineering, Chuck Scottini
Captain Sam Clarke
Captain Bill Thomas

Captain Paul Krix

Lieutenant Scott Hawkins

Lieutenant Aaron Kamm

Lieutenant Max Martinez


Lieutenant Brenton Ness

Lieutenant Kaden Morrison
Firefighter Erin Edwards

Firefighter Keith Forbes

Firefighter Josh Kourajian

Firefighter Cooper McCullar

Firefighter Caeden Quist

Firefighter Rusty Dunham

Firefighter Chris Graves

Firefighter David Hamilton

There are 4 main components of the Blue Card Training and Certification program:

1.  Completion of the 40-50 hour online training program

       (Cognitive portion of the program)


2.  Completion of the Simulation Evaluation Session

       (Manipulative portion of the program)

3.  Continuing Education (CE) and 3 year re-certification

       (Cognitive and Manipulative skill maintenance)


4.  Instructor training and support program

      (Local delivery and management of the program)

For more information, contact: 


Chief Caughey