Volunteer now. Sometimes later becomes never. We will provide you with the skills, training and equipment necessary to become a professional. Many of our firefighters have moved on to establish careers as paid firefighters whereas others simply enjoy volunteering for their community. 

Lateral Entry Firefighters

This program is designed for qualified firefighters with previous experience. A specialized academy will be held annually for those that qualify. 

Residency Program

Fire Science degree stiudents enrolled at LCCC are eliglble to live in dorm-style rooms free of charge; learn real life experiences through training and responding to calls; earn $300 /month plus tuition.

There are many ways to make a difference in your community. Volunteering your time and expertise, primarily in the field of public relations, marketing and special events; allows firefighters to dedicate their time to training and responding to calls. 

Support Services

This program is designed for young adults between 14 and 21, in the Boy Scouts, who are interested in a career as a firefighter or emergency services.  Hands on training in a fun, safe environment provides the opportunity to learn and be mentored by professional firefighters.


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